Turcas Codes of Conduct and Values

Turcas Codes of Conduct and Values

The main values which forms Turcas as Turcas are its reputation, entrepreneurship, corporate management mentality, local and foreign investors with a long term partnership culture. Turcas Codes of Conduct and Legislative Compliance Policy created and described below by our Board of Directors in accordance with these main values, constitutes the basic behavioural principals of Turcas and Turcas Group. All of our employees abide by these principles and rules. Turcas and Turcas Group are intended to be reliable, responsible, accountable, and transparent against their partners, shareholders, employees, suppliers, business partners, competitors, environment, society and humanity; and while reaching their objectives, they act in accordance with law, international provisions of law and business ethics.

Turcas Group Values which are parallel to this policy and principles;


Accuracy and honesty are Turcas Group’s priority values in all business processes and relations. Turcas Group acts with accuracy and honesty in its relations between its employees and all shareholders.


Turcas Group is transparent and open in their relationships with its partners, stakeholders, board of directors, including all employees, business partners, auditors, advisors, third parties outside the company and each other. Turcas provides comprehensible and accurate information timely and completely in its all activities.

Impartiality and Equal Opportunity

Any distinction shall not be made within Turcas Group between employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders due to reasons such as religion, language, race, gender, health status, age, marital status, political views. All employees in Turcas Group treat everyone fairly and equally, and avoid biased behavior.

Turcas acts extremely careful and impartialy when selecting their suppliers.

Each individual’s contribution to Turcas carries value. Working of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and ideas through the exchange of ideas brings more success to Turcas.

Turcas shall not accept any kind of discrimination, harassment or bullying. Every action which has characteristic of discriminating and deterrent is included in this.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Turcas Group maintains all kinds of its activities in accordance with national and international laws and regulations; stays at an impartial and equal distance to all institutions and organizations, without waiting benefit; closely follows the laws and regulations; take the necessary measures to ensure compliance.

Fair Competition

Turcas Group undertakes not to leave the principles of fair competition and acts in accordance with competition legislation in this regard.

Accuracy of Records and Transparent Financial Reporting

All kinds of records of the accounting and company which constitutes evidence for a commercial activity of Turcas Group, or which are legal, taxational and administrative are kept in full and in accordance with the legislation and each employee fulfills their responsibilities for this matter fully. Turcas Group pays attention to the preservation and protection of all information and documents, which is important for corporate memory in accordance with relevant legislation and Company standards.

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