Turcas Principles Of Sustainability

For us, energy is synonymous with creating value for our country. Operating with this greater purpose in mind for 92 years, Turcas undertakes pioneering and innovative projects that contribute to Turkey’s supply security.

Turcas embraces the core values of respectability, adherence to a code of ethics, compliance with laws and regulations, commitment, cooperation, sustainability, confidence and determination. These values form the basis of the Company’s business operations. In addition, Turcas is committed to safeguarding and improving upon its core values, and conveying them to the Company’s employees. The corporate governance approach, defined as fairness, transparency, and responsibility, is an indispensable element in the activities of all Turcas companies.

Turcas Sustainability Policy

The people- and environment-oriented principle of sustainable growth lies at the foundation of our business strategy.

  • As one of the longest established energy companies, we carry out long-term and future-oriented investments.
  • In all our investments, we adopt the fundamental responsibility of adding value to the society we live in.
  • We strive for our services to create added value to the nation’s economy, to have an innovative quality, and to be in harmony with the environment.
  • We regard the Corporate Social Responsibility Principle as the fundamental anchor point of sustainable growth.
  • We adopt an ethical and transparent corporate approach.

The corporate social responsibility understanding of the main subsidiaries of Turcas – Shell & Turcas Petrol and RWE & Turcas South Power Generation – constitutes the major axes of the sustainability approach of the Company.

Sustainability At Shell & Turcas

Shell & Turcas Petrol conducts all its operations in accordance with the principle of economic, social and environmental responsibility. While adopting a business culture focused on respect for people and the environment, the company also supports activities that add value to society and cultural heritage.

Occupational Health, Safety And Environment (HSE)

Having embraced security and safety as a corporate priority, Shell & Turcas meticulously complies with all Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) rules and regulations in each and every company activity. Shell & Turcas operates with the vision of “Goal Zero” against accidents in all its business activities. The “Goal Zero” vision – summarized as zero accidents and zero rubble –aims to prevent any and all accidents that can harm the environment and human health to the maximum extent possible.

Pursuant to this comprehensive approach, Shell & Turcas continuously strives to upgrade its terminals and stations in accordance with HSE guidelines. The company also works to instill HSE awareness and principles in all employees across the organization and in its business partners.

Toward this end, Shell & Turcas continues to take further precautionary measures in the product delivery process from the terminals to the stations related to safe driving habits for truck drivers, tanker rigs and technical equipment, and supply operations in and out of the plant. The company also carries out efforts to raise the security awareness of drivers.

The safety education program that was initiated in 2007 has been administered continuously ever since at all the company’s stations. The theoretical modules of the program cover industrial accidents via visual presentations; discuss causes of these accidents and the lessons learned from them; and determine necessary actions.

The practical sections of the training focus on actions that need to be taken by personnel during emergencies and proper use of devices and equipment by employees via comprehensive drills.

Shell & Turcas meticulously complies with all Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) rules and regulations in each and every company activity.

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