Shell & Turcas Petroleum

Turcas signed a joint venture agreement with The Shell Company of Turkey Ltd. (“Shell Turkey”) in 2005 for retail and commercial sales, marketing and distribution of fuel products and lubricants. Shell & Turcas Petrol (STAŞ), in which Turcas has a 30% stake, commenced operation on July 1, 2006 pursuant to this agreement.

Boasting a network of more than 1,000 fuel stations across Turkey and generating TL 32.6 billion in revenue in 2018, Shell & Turcas is a sector leader and one of the largest companies in Turkey.

Shell & Turcas maintained its leadership in direct fuel sales from fuel stations with 19.1% market share. The Company also continues to lead the sector in fleet sales with 30.7% market share. While sustaining its strong position in the fuel market, the Company’s per station profitability is 2.5 times above the industry average. Further, according to the Turkish Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER)’s sector report on the Turkish lubricant market, Shell & Turcas was the market leader for the 12th consecutive year in 2018.
Shell Vehicle Identification System, the first vehicle identification system in Turkey, has served customers for 22 years. Due to changing customer needs and the digitization trend, the company consolidated its services in this segment under Shell Fleet Solutions. Today, Shell Fleet Solutions is used by 30 thousand select companies in every corner of Turkey as well as more 550 thousand vehicles.

The Shell & Turcas Commercial Fuels team has maintained a successful sales performance in the direct and indirect bulk fuel market. Through its dealers, Shell & Turcas cooperates with dominant industries in the indirect fuel market – such as mining, concrete and construction – all of which contribute significantly to Turkey’s economy. Independent generators and energy distributors dominate the direct fuel market. With the “Leading Distributors Project,” the company aims to differentiate with value-added services, including quality control vehicles, visits to Shell technology centers, and tank cleaning.

Undisputed Leader Of The Lubricants Industry In Turkey And Worldwide

Shell Madeni Yağlar, 12. kez üst üste hem Türkiye hem de küresel madeni yağlar pazarının lideri olmuştur. PETDER’in Türkiye pazarına ilişkin sektör raporuna göre Shell & Turcas, Türkiye’nin lider madeni yağ tedarikçisi olurken, uluslararası danışmanlık ve araştırma şirketi Kline & Company’nin açıkladığı madeni yağlar pazar analizi raporuna göre de Shell, geçtiğimiz yıl olduğu gibi dünyanın ‘1 numaralı Madeni Yağ Tedarikçisi’ olmuştur.

Shell & Turcas, başta otomotiv olmak üzere enerji, demir çelik, inşaat, madencilik ve genel imalat gibi sektörlerde, müşterilerinin ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak için çeşitli madeni yağ ürünlerinin üretimini, satış ve pazarlamasını da gerçekleştiriyor. Shell’in madeni yağ portföyü, otomotiv sektörüne yönelik Shell Helix ve Shell Rimula motor yağlarının yanı sıra, Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Mysella, Shell Argina vb. endüstriyel yağlar ve gres markası Shell Gadus ürünlerinden oluşmaktadır.

Export Star: Shell & Turcas – Derince Facilities

Derince plant, Shell’s largest lubricant and grease manufacturing facility in the Mediterranean region, reported a record-breaking export volume of 33,694 tons in 2018. Shell & Turcas utilized the Derince Lubricant and Grease Production Facility, a regional lubricant manufacturing base, both to supply the domestic market and to export to 61 countries – from Argentina and Saudi Arabia, to the United States and the Netherlands.

Shell & Turcas Stations: Making A Difference

Over the years, Shell & Turcas has received major global awards from Royal Dutch Shell. The “People Make the Difference” program is designed to identify best practices in customer service and service quality among 44,000 branded Shell stations in more than 70 countries worldwide. Under this program, the company’s Geyve and AliFuatPaşa stations and Tuna Tan Akaryakıt were each named “Turkey Champion” in 2018; Muratlı İstiklal Station was named “Europe and South Africa Champion” in 2017; Kirazlı Gate Bağcılar Station was named “World Champion” in 2016. Meanwhile, the “Europe and South Africa Champion” designation went to Düzce-Kapıcı/Zafer Petrol in 2015, Antalya Kundu Station in 2014, Amasya Station in 2013, and Ankara Konutkent Gas Station in 2012.

Terminals And LPG Facilities

Shell & Turcas has operation across eight oil product terminals in Turkey. Of these, three are operated solely by the company and five are operated jointly with partners. At these terminals, Shell & Turcas’ total capacity amounts to 467,910 m3 . The company also has two LPG filling and storage facilities. In addition, Shell & Turcas operates two LPG filling and storage plants with a capacity of 1,360 m3.

Shell Select

ShellSelectBreaking new ground in 2013 with the introduction of Shell Select stores in order to add value to its visitors’ trips, Shell & Turcas today has 360 locations in 42 provinces across Turkey. Globally, Shell Select serves 30 million visitors daily with 500 thousand employees in the field. In Turkey, Shell Select convenience stores serve guests with 15 thousand field employees.

Introducing Shell Select, the next generation convenience store format, to the industry, Shell & Turcas offers more than 1,500 products in 11 categories at 360 service locations in 42 provinces across Turkey. Striving to add value to its visitors’ trips, Shell & Turcas develops its product offerings at Shell Select stores based on the needs of its guests. Guests who visit a Shell Select location can purchase a variety of products – from sunflower seeds to freshly ground coffee, bakery & pastry products to delicious deli2go sandwiches designed by select chefs. Thanks to partnerships with Starbucks and Kahve Dünyası, Shell Select stores also offer high quality, branded coffee to its guests.