Shell & Turcas Petrol

Turcas signed a Joint Venture Agreement with The Shell Company of Türkiye Ltd. (“Shell Türkiye”) in 2005 for retail and commercial sales, marketing and distribution of fuel products and lubricants. Shell & Turcas Petrol A.Ş. (STAŞ), in which Turcas has a 30% stake, commenced operation on July 1, 2006, pursuant to this agreement.

Boasting a network of c.a. 1,150 fuel stations across Türkiye and having generated 160.8 Billion TRY of revenues in 2022, Shell & Turcas is not only leader in its industry, but also one of the largest companies in Türkiye.

Shell & Turcas maintains its leadership in direct fuel sales from fuel stations with a market share of 21.4% according to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. The Company also continues to lead the sector in fleet sales with a 28.9% market share. While sustaining a strong position in the fuel market, the Company’s profitability per station is 2.5 times above the industry average. The Shell Vehicle Identification System, the “first” vehicle identification system in Türkiye, has been continuing to serve customers for 27 years. Due to changing customer needs and the digitization trend, the company consolidated its services in this area under Shell Fleet Solutions last year. Today, Shell Fleet Solutions is used by 50,000 select companies in every corner of Türkiye as well as more than 550,000 vehicles.

The Shell & Turcas Commercial Fuels team has maintained a successful sales performance in the last two years and rose to third place in the direct and indirect bulk fuel market in Türkiye. Through its dealers, Shell & Turcas cooperates with dominant industries in the indirect fuel market - such as logistics, manufacturing, mining, cement, concrete, and construction - all of which contribute significantly to Turkish economy. With the “Leading Distributors Project”, the company aims to differentiate itself with value-added services for customers, including quality control vehicles, visits to Shell technology centers, and tank cleaning.

Independent generators and companies working on the cabotage line with special consumption tax free sales in the maritime sector dominate the direct fuel market.

The Undisputed Leader of the Global Lubricant Industry

Shell Lubricants has become the lubricant market leader in the world for the 16th consecutive year. Kline & Company, an international consulting and research firm, named Shell as the “No. 1 Global Lubricants Supplier” in its lubricants market analysis report, as it did last year.

Shell & Turcas also engages in the production, sales, and marketing of various lubricant products to meet the needs of its customers in the automotive industry as well as in the energy, iron & steel, construction, mining, and general manufacturing sectors. Shell’s lubricants portfolio comprises of Shell Helix and Shell Rimula motor oils for the automotive sector; industrial lubricants such as Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Mysella, Shell Argina, Shell Diala; and Shell Gadus brand grease products.

Export Champion: Shell & Turcas-Derince Facilities

The Derince plant, which is Shell’s largest lubricant and grease manufacturing facility in the Mediterranean region, reported a record- breaking export volume of 36,266 tons in 2022. Shell & Turcas utilized the Derince Lubricant and Grease Production Facility, a regional lubricant manufacturing base, both to supply the domestic market and to export to a total of 70 countries - from Argentina to Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Collaboration for Türkiye's Transition to Electrical Vehicles

Shell & Turcas signed a strategic cooperation with Trugo, which provides charging solutions for Türkiye's first electric car brand titled as TOGG, in order to provide an uninterrupted experience to electric vehicle users. Within the scope of the cooperation, TOGG Trugo and Shell & Turcas will work together to serve all electric vehicle users with charging stations over 180 kWh in 81 provinces. Accordingly, more than 600 high-speed charging stations will be installed in 400 locations. Those charging stations will use 100 percent renewable energy source. By the collaboration, high-speed charging station network will be accessible to all electric vehicle owners in Türkiye.

Shell & Turcas: People Make The Difference Program

Organized quarterly by the Shell’s Global Team, the “WOW Moments of Magic Reward and Recognition Winners” can be seen a corporate competition where the best practices in terms of service and service quality offered to our customers are evaluated and awarded. In this competition, Shell & Turcas awarded with its success stories that made a unique difference beyond the basic services. We are proud to be the 3rd most awarded country in the world with the WOW moments and high customer satisfaction we created in 2022.

Shell & Turcas has received major global awards from Royal Dutch Shell. The “People Make the Difference” program is designed to identify and reward best practices in customer service and service quality among 46,000 Shell stations in about 80 countries worldwide.

Until now, Shell & Turcas has won 1 fuel world championship, 1 non-fuel revenues world championship, 1 front-court personnel world championship and 1 European championship together with a total of 10 champion stations, 3 of which are world and 7 are European. In 2022, Türkiye has chosen the winners in 5 different categories and applied for the European Championship.

Terminals and LPG Facilities

Shell & Turcas has a total of seven fuel oil terminals across Türkiye, three of which are solely operated, and four of which are jointly operated. At these terminals, Shell & Turcas’ total capacity amounts to 440,568 m3. There are also a LPG filling and storage facility, that Shell & Turcas have. In this facility Shell & Turcas has a capacity of 1,000 m3.

Shell Always Ahead

Shell is a brand that adopts the principle of realizing “Breaking New Grounds” and setting the pace for the industry. Numerous innovations such as The first canopy application at stations, the first In-Market Toilet, the first Unleaded Fuel, the first Loyalty Program - Shell Club Smart, the first Vehicle Identification System, the first Premium market concept Shell Select Market, the first initiative to support women’s employment at the stations called Women Energy at Shell, the first toilet designed specifically for children, the first Barrier-Free Service Area to facilitate the life of our disabled guests have been taken after by many companies to include in their operations.

Shell & Turcas strengthened its leading position in the sector by emphasizing Quality and Trust with the motto of “Always Ahead” in its advertising campaign in 2021. Shell & Turcas continued its campaign and in 2022 true success stories are included to the advertisements, with the tagline titled as "We All Have the Right to Be Ahead". This tone and content not only highlighted Shell as a well-established and reliable brand in Türkiye; but also strengthened its leading position in the sector by focusing on its projects that contributed its products as well as to the society.

Shell Select

Breaking new ground in 2013 with the introduction of Shell Select stores in order to add value to its visitors’ trips, Shell & Turcas today has over 860 locations in 72 provinces across Türkiye. Globally, Shell Select serves 32 Million visitors daily with 500,000 employees in the field. In Türkiye, Shell Select convenience stores serve 1 Million guests with 15,000 field employees.

Introducing Shell Select, the next generation convenience store format in the sector, Shell & Turcas offers about 1,500 products in 11 different categories at Shell Select stores at more than 860 points in 72 provinces across Türkiye. Striving to add value to its visitors’ trips, Shell & Turcas develops product offerings at Shell Select stores based on guest needs. Guests who visit Shell Select Stores can purchase a variety of products - from freshly ground coffee and bakery products to delicious deli2go sandwiches designed by select chefs. Shell & Turcas sells more than 6 Million deli2go sandwiches and over 11 Million cups of coffee in Türkiye on an annual basis.

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