Donation Policy

The Company can make all types of donations in a way not to hinder its own purpose of establishment and in accordance with Capital Markets Law and the related legislation, provided that donation amount does not exceed 2% of annual net profit, donations made are added to distributable profit, required material disclosure statements are announced and donations made within the year are submitted to information of shareholders in the General Meetings. The Company may donate and provide support by virtue of the Management’s approval to educational institutions, foundations, associations and public corporations and institutions running social, cultural, educational, etc. activities within the scope of the principles indicated by the Capital Markets Board’s legislation and the Turkish Commercial Code. In the selection of the form and amount of the donation as well as the institution, corporation or the non-governmental organization to receive such donation, compliance with Turcas Petrol A.Ş.’s corporate social responsibility activities are considered. In addition, donations and support may also be provided to foundations, associations, and other institutions established to perform similar activities with Turcas Petrol A.Ş.. When donating and providing support, the Company takes care of preferring institutions that are granted tax exemption by the Ministry of Finance.