Investor Relations Contact

Investor Relations at Turcas is coordinated by CFO and the procedures & processes related to the shareholders/stakeholders are handled and followed by the “Investor Relations Department”. 

Major activities of the “Investor Relations Department” are:

  • providing transparent and consistent financial information,
  • attending investor conferences/roadshows to ensure effective communication with investor community,
  • managing Company’s relations with Capital Markets Board, Borsa İstanbul, Central Registry Agency,
  • increasing capital,
  • performig public offering transactions,
  • paying dividends,
  • updating records of the Shareholders Registry,
  • transfering shares,
  • announcing public disclosures,
  • organising Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • managing Corporate Governance Rating process

Queries received from the investors are handled by this department.You may get in touch with the following company representative on these subjects.


Pınar Ceritoğlu
Investor Relations Assistant Manager
+90 212 259 0000 (x1287)