Turcas Principles Of Sustainability

For us, energy stands for adding value to our country. We have been working with such awareness and materialising trailblazing and innovative projects that have been contributing to the energy supply security of our country for the past 86 years.

Among the leading values that make Turcas what it is today are its reputability, entrepreneurship, corporate governance mentality, and long-term partnership culture with national and international investors. Corporate governance mentality defined by straightforwardness, transparency, and accountability and that gradually gain a vital significance today is an indispensable element in the activities of all the companies under Turcas.

As also noted in the Corporate Governance Compliance Report, Turcas observes all the “beneficiaries” as “stakeholders” and tackles any project under corporate social responsibility. Turcas goes through annual Corporate Governance Rating regularly in order to evaluate corporate governance practices of the company and the results are announced to public through Public Disclosure Platform (PDP). A company traded in BIST Corporate Governance Index, Turcas regards Corporate Governance Principles as the primary criteria in its entire corporate activities in order to increase it Corporate Governance Compliance Rating every year.


1. Principles of Sustainability

Human- and environment-oriented principle of sustainable growth” lies in the foundation of our business strategy. 

  • As one of the longest-established energy companies, we carry out long-term and future-oriented investments.
  • In all our investments, we adopt the fundamental responsibility of adding value to the society we live in.
  • We strive for our services to create added value to country’s economy, to have an innovative quality, and to be in rapport with the environment.
  • We regard the Corporate Social Responsibility Principle as the fundamental anchor point of sustainable growth.
  • We adopt an ethical and transparent corporate mentality.

Corporate social responsibility mentality of the main partners of Turcas, Shell & Turcas Petroleum Inc. and RWE & Turcas Southern Electricity Production Inc., constitutes the major axis of the Sustainability Approach of our company.


2. Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Policy (OHSE)

Always considering security and safety as its priority, Shell & Turcas, meticulously practices the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) rules in all its activities. Shell & Turcas also carries out multidimensional training projects in order to raise the awareness of its employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers on safety. With this approach, Shell & Turcas also raises safety standards in its sector. Based on this mentality, Shell & Turcas regards improving its terminals and stations in line with OHSE criteria and turning the OHSE awareness into indispensable principles of its employees at every level and its business partners as one of its the most important targets. 

To this end, Shell & Turcas takes individual precautions throughout the process of supplying oil from the terminal to stations on driving safety of tanker drivers, tanker and technical equipment along with supply operations in and outside of stations, and carries out projects to raise the awareness of drivers on the issue. 

Initiated in 2007, Station Technical Safety Training continues so as to cover all stations. Theoretical sections of such trainings include sharing information on accidents in the sector through visual presentations, their causes and conclusions needed to draw are then discussed and actions to be taken are identified. The practical section of the training consists of teaching courses of actions that need to be taken in emergency situations at stations, job definitions, and tools and equipment for use through drills executed at stations.


3. Policy of Environmental Respect

Within the scope of increasing consumer awareness and new legislative regulations, Turcas carries on its investments in cleaner and renewable energy resources against climate change caused by greenhouse gases. Planning to materialize a project of geothermal energy, a geothermal power plant (GPP) with installed capacity of 18 MW under the partnership of Turcas Kuyucak Geothermal Electricity Production Inc. in Aydin province, Turcas also continues its geological fieldwork through two licenses it owns in Denizli and Manisa provinces. With a target of increasing its share of renewable energy within its electricity production portfolio, Turcas is developing wind (WPP), solar (SPP), and hydroelectric (HPP) projects within its production portfolio.

In addition to our renewable energy investments, we ensure operational productivity to be kept at the highest level in all our plants thanks to modern and environmentally friendly technologies. A natural gas combined cycle plant with installed capacity of 775MW that became operational in Denizli province in 2013 under our partner RWE & Turcas Southern Electricity Production Inc. was equipped with air cooling instead of water so as not to affect ground water resources in any way, and thus gained the title of the largest air-cooled natural gas combined cycle power plant. Among the most efficient natural gas power plants of Turkey with its efficiency rate of 58%, the Denizli plant provides a significant contribution to energy supply safety of Turkey thanks to its capacity able to supply the energy demand of 3.5 million households all by itself.